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Fusion Bumpers are unbeatable when it comes to crafting custom, durable bumpers for heavy-duty trucks. Made 100% in the USA using CAD design, Fusion-made bumpers are in high demand. Since they are built-to-order, you have several choices to make when purchasing your custom bumper. From lights to grille guards, you want to make sure that you get exactly what you need for your truck.

Are you an off-roading enthusiast? Does your truck need to accomplish heavy towing? Which features you select matter. To ensure that you get the most utility and satisfaction out of your new Fusion bumper, we've broken down your options, so you can shop prepared. Click through the tabs below to get started!



Getting familiar with how these bumpers are made is the first step in making an informed purchase. When talking about bumpers, there are a few terms that get thrown around quite a bit. Here's the breakdown of what these phrases really mean:

Custom Built: These aren't some mass-produced, factory stocked truck accessories. Each truck is different, with it's own specific set of requirements. As such, each bumper takes 4-6 weeks to produce before shipping. When you order your bumper, it will take about 4 weeks to build if you opt for raw steel, and then another few days to ship, depending on where you live. If you choose a powdered coating, it will add another week to the production time. Fusion puts care into each piece, and the final product is well worth the wait.

Laser Cut American Steel: Fusion bumpers are precisely cut to flawlessly fit your truck, using incredibly tough, American-made steel for unbelievable durability. We use eleven gauge (1/8") construction, for increased strength.

Raw Steel:This is the standard option. No fancy finishes - just durable, raw steel in all it's natural glory.

Powder Coated Finish: Depending on your truck, you can have your steel bumper powder coated with a variety of colored powders, including light gray, dark gray, black and white. Powder coated steel not only gives your vehicle a custom look, but it will also help protect your bumper from rust.

CAD: CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. This is an amazing software program widely used to design the most accurate and detailed products possible. It's used to design cars, ships, buildings, bicycles, and even prosthetics. Fusion harnesses this technology to bring you a truly custom fit bumper that will last for the life of your truck.

Bolt-On Construction: Our bumpers are designed for simple installation - no welding or drilling. We provide the hardware, and with just a few basic hand tools, you can simply and quickly install your new Fusion bumper.



While we have tons of awesome upgrades for your bumpers, we also have a ton of awesome features that come standard with each order:




Looking for some extra customization? We have several options for upgrades on each bumper we sell. Keep in mind that not all upgrade options are available for every vehicle year and model.


Rigid LED Lights: Rigid is one of the most talked about names in the world of LED lights. Why? They are known for their incredible durability. Popular for off-roading, these lights will get you where you need to go. We have several different types available, including Dually, 4" Light Bars, and 10" Light Bars. Some models also have the option of Rigid back-up lights.

KC Lights: KC is the original manufacturer of off-road auxiliary lighting, and have been making performance off road lighting since 1970. KC back-up lights will give you maximum safety and utility.

LightForce 140 Lights: If you're looking for a powerful alternative to factory fog lights, LightForce 140 lights are lightweight, durable, and highly effective. They even have colors and beam patterns customizable to driving conditions to give you ultimate visibility in even the toughest conditions.


Front Receiver Hitch: Front receiver hitches are extremely useful when it comes to mounting winches, snow plows, cargo mounts, and other accessories. Also used for specialized towing, these versatile hitches are a great investment.

Winch Mount: If you are specifically looking to mount a winch on your front bumper, let us know the brand and model of the winch you are planning on mounting, and Fusion will construct your bumper to fit seamlessly with your winch.

Defender Series Grille Guard: If you want the ultimate safeguarding for your truck, you may consider upgrading your bumper to include a defender series grille guard. Choose from a light bar guard only, or a full grille guard for maximum protection.